Monday, September 27, 2010

First Haircut!

So my hair was getting uncontrollably long (5 months of lazyness?), so I decided to get it cut. Now Japan and the street I live on in particular literally has a hair salon every other store. But you know Japanese (even men) and their hair, so these places specialize in styling and 40 dollar cuts. There is a 1000 yen quick cut place near school so I made the plunge and went to get my hair buzzed number 4 as I always do.

Now giving the lady benefit of the doubt..theres know way she coulda have misheard my japanese when I said number 4 all around (hand sign too). But the first cut was short.

end result:

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

yeah...thats more of a number 1. so it leaves me to assume that japanese number clips are also smaller than american. next time I think ill just tell them length instead (3cm.)

but im not mad. I usually wear hats and its getting colder now so ill be makin the transition into beanies anyway....although my heads so cold now I practically NEED them.


  1. I think you look good Cuz! Girls will be fawning over you in no time.

  2. Is that a for all people hoodie I see? :-)