Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pho yeah!


So today me and Ryan (dorm mate and fellow Pho fanatic.) went on the search for

"Vietnamese Alice" a vietnamese style restaurant. After some wandering around:

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

we found it!

Looking at the menu there wasnt any vietnamese under the writting it was all japanese so i was wondering if it was legitly vietnamese or not. But after awhile I noticed most of the staff were vietnamese. I ordered in japanese but after confirming I said "thank you for the food" in vietnamese. Maybe ill flex my vietnamese muscles next time.

Overall It was a bit expensive. About 10 USD a bowl and 5 USD for a vietnamese ice coffee. The portion also considerably smaller than back home (i lived near little saigon/had big homemade bowls). It was gooood but again not compared to home. Overall I can see this as a once in awhile occasion since its a bit expensive.

PS. Bringing my own bottle of sirracha next time too...they didnt have any! wHat!?

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

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