Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anime and Manga Fantasy Land

Summer 2011 semester I took an "upper" division liberal arts class which focused on the studies of anime and culture.  Hey I'm in Japan. lol

In any case a perk was that we got to take two field trips.  One was to Studio Pierrot where anime like Bleach and Naruto are made and the famous Ghibli Museum.

So I

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
Front of Studio Pierrot where they make anime like Naruto and Bleach.

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
Smaller scale replica of the Ninja Mount Rushmore from Naruto made out of sugar.

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
The drawing studio where they were drawing Naruto....before they said I couldnt take pictures..

Ghibli Museum
From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
Path to rooftop garden from Castle in the Sky

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
Walking up to the rooftop garden

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
Rooft top garden

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
The magic black box from Castle in the Sky

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
Robot from Castle in the Sky

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
Artsier shot of same robot

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
Spy shot of inside the museum. they didnt allow pictures or video

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
Over grown structure near the studio which reminds me of castle in the sky...
okay the movie is not my favorite but the garden was neat therefore i was in the mood..

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!
Random abandoned swimming pool/spawning pool for mosquitos

Well thats it for now.  To sign off here's a comic depicting a very similar story in an alternative view.

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taiwan Escape

Since back home in California they just experienced a massive 3.4 earthquake at the time of this post, it made me remember a bit about the big Tohoku earthquake in Japan back in March 2011. After the earthquake the nuclear crisis and its leaking radiation scared many foreigners off. These included expats, students at my school some of the people I used to work with at MyGYM.

My roommates and I however, were concerned but not alarmed as we were closely monitoring the news as well as being 200+ miles away in Tokyo. However, to ease our worrying families we decided to leave Tokyo for a week and return a bit before our school scheduled to restart classes.

So after a few quick calls for last minute plane tickets, and a radiation scan at the airport we were in Taiwan.

From Taiwan 2011
Dollar Chicken

From Taiwan 2011

From Taiwan 2011
Turtle Blood..just one of a few exotic animals we ate

From Taiwan 2011
Sea Food Street Food

From Taiwan 2011
I help Feed the group

From Taiwan 2011
cooking the fruits of my labor

From Taiwan 2011
she had to deal with us like this everyday

From Taiwan 2011
survival mode

Rest of Album:
Taiwan 2011

Taiwan was fun, ghetto...but fun.

See you Next tIme!
From Taiwan 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011


Ahhh its been a year since I first left LA for Tokyo to finish studying business as an undergrad. I got withdrawls almost immediately because I had some damn good friends and family back home. Tokyo is an awesome place and I have good friends here but you cant beat all the homies ive known for years and been through a lot with back home.

in any case it was a much awaited vacation back home.

I did practically everything I wanted to do during my short month at home.

This included hanging out with as many friends as possible.
Eating Pho, Mexican food, In-N-Out, BBQ, Korean BBQ etc. food thats hard to come by or not done well in Japan.

Also I missed the dance scene that I had become so involved with back in LA.

other notable adventures include the OC fair and Las Vegas. Anyway here are a few pictures of what went down.

Tacos done right

Hanging out done right

American Style Matsuri...although we just call it a fair

Driving again! that felt goooood. still got it, its like riding a bike. courtesy of S2k Brother Tyler

Vegas Trip! in front of a bomb ass buffet

Sexy Cops vs Cops

no place like Homeland

CSLA Family! after teaching locking w/ Marie Poppins teaching popping

Full Album here:

Next up: Taiwan Adventure


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Backstreet's Harry's Back, ALRIGHT!

So I realized I haven't posted anything since The earthquake in March. Which was sometime ago. Regarding the northern area of Japan, they are rebuilding and quite quickly but there is still time to go. Also I haven't really heard too much about any developments worsening regarding the nuclear power plant.

Many things have happened since March until now. I have traveled to Taiwan, had a super busy summer school session, and returned to LA/OC for some R and R.

So this post is just an introduction to a season 2 basically. As I will be updating with things I have done and things I will be doing a bit more frequently. This is as much for me as it is for people who are curious.

Ill start off Quentin Tarantino style and start with the most recent event and go backwards to march.

so first will be my trip back home to LA.

im back!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Earthquake in Japan 2011

Its been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog because well frankly, my life has become quite normal here in Tokyo. No crazy touristy or things you may find interesting back home. However, the past week something eventful happened not only to me but to all of Japan.

On Friday March 11 at around noonish a 9.0 Earthquake struck Northern Japan in the Sendai area. In Tokyo I believe we felt a very shakey 6.0 I was teaching at my part-time job (Children's fitness coach) when all of a sudden a mother came running over to her child. At first I thought the child hurt himself but soon after the shaking in the ground could be felt. I looked at my co-worker as we both stood there confused and then the lights began to sway, the rock wall began to pound against the wall, the doors swung open and shut and the power lines outside began to sway heavily. It was probably the biggest earthquake Ive been in since I was a child (Northridge). Luckily we were in a brand new building (2007) so no danger and we didnt feel it as much.

As the day drew to an end word was that the transportation stopped. Many co-workers became stranded as the rest of Tokyo was. The streets were crowded with people the combini's out of food, restaurants closed because of gas shut offs, Buses filled to over max capacity, and traffic jams. It was all pretty wild.

As I made the 45 minute walk home, I was completely unaware of the effects that the Earthquake had had at the epicenter. I arrived home to my apartment which had been thrown inside-out. Everything fell off the shelves, my desks were inches from the walls where they were once touching and the bathroom floor wet from the toilet water swaying out of the reserve tank. My Facebook blew up with 50 msgs from friends and emails from family concerned about my well being.(Thank you again for the concern I<3 you guys) I was completely fine and probably freaked them out a bit because of my late response (i was at work so they were unresponded for 8 hours). I wasnt sure why I had so many messages. Usually ill get a couple but this was a large amount! I finally checked up on the news and saw the chaos.

It was incredible to see first person footage of the tsunami as well as heartbreaking photos of the survivors and victims.

Tokyo wasnt so bad. Sure we had supply shortages, constant aftershocks and the once great Tokyo transportation system was put on standby but things didnt seem bad. Soon after word of the nuclear reactor emergency caught wind. Fellow students at Temple University, Japan began to return to their homes in fear of more earthquakes and possible radiation problems. It started with a couple quick ones (no more than 2 days after the quake) and quickly snowballed to as of now maybe around 50 (that me and friends know of). Again I felt the situation was not dire for Tokyo. My parents were concerned of course but I convinced them to let me stay. Even though school was postponed 2 weeks. My roommate was the same. Not scared but cautious of the situation, mostly the nuclear plant. Yesterday however, his parents gave him the inevitable "I dont care where but get out of Japan" talk, and when his parents said it, that was it. My parents also on the edge, themselves began to demand I lay low out of Tokyo for awhile as the plant situation seemed to just keep getting worse.

This brings us to the present. Ill be on a plane to Taiwan tomorrow to wait out the problem until school begins again (if it does at all) and play the situation by ear as thats really all I can do. Hopefully the problems clear up where the public is safe once again and life goes back to normal, power comes back, I can finish school and graduate on time, my friends can enjoy themselves when they visit in April.

Looking positively as thats the way to live.

Ill keep you guys updated through facebook etc.

Also, please donate to help the people of Japan hit by the tsunami and earthquake. Redcross makes it easy by texting REDCROSS to 90999 and $10 donation will be made.

T-Shirts can be bought for 5 dollars and proceeds will go to the victims (UCI students hit me up for details) (they are nice tshirts too, well made)

Donations can be made through paypal or iTunes

and I think in the LA area some dance events will be fundraising for the cause.

Lets pull together and help these innocent people. TAKE ACTION and not just feel sorry. Its a little sacrifice on your part.

/end long post

- JDM Harry

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 であります! late as usual but I think last week....lets say last week, I had the chance to attend the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon. This was probably the best car show Ive ever been too. This was because it was like 3 types of car shows in one. Normally you have to go to separate types of shows to see manufacture cars, racing cars, modified cars etc. However, TAS had it all even drifting!

I took lots of pictures so ill post a few to give you a taste, but feel free to visit the link to my album, itll have all the pictures on it.

also check out the video too see a bit how it was live.

From Tokyo Auto Salon

From Tokyo Auto Salon

From Tokyo Auto Salon

From Tokyo Auto Salon

From Tokyo Auto Salon

From Tokyo Auto Salon

From Tokyo Auto Salon

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lock Battle 2: Funky Chicken 2011 and Misc.

Funky Chicken 2011! What a night!

Funky Chicken 2011 was a dance battle in Roppongi (morph) that hosted 140 Lockers, 90 Poppers and 30 Waackers. They do it BIG in Japan. It is unheard of to see these numbers in LA.

From 140 lockers they go to the top 16, popping and waacking went to top 8 instead.

Here is my prelim:

Also at the event I randomly ran into a friend I met back in LA that I hadnt seen for awhile.


and as expected of her she killed her way into the finals:

Also of course on the Pop-Side of the battle my biggest inspiration: KITE performed his famous baseball locking as well as naturally, getting into the finals.

here is his final battle: Yosuke took the event however.

After the event I introduced myself to Fresh Seiji who was super nice and told me to contact him sometime. eeeeeeeeeeeeee

Also various events with Kite followed.

Kite: I should go practice more.
Me: Reaching my hand out as if he was getting away: Nooooo

Kite: haha whats up man!
Me: did you hear me kite? Did I reach you!?
Kite: hahaha yes yes

Me while hugging Kite: KIIIITTTEEE!!!!!

Me: I think next time I will confess to him.
Random Japanese Girl and guy from France (here for Juste Deboute): haha oh man...


Funky Chicken also made way for new friendships as well! Met some new Waackers and lockers. including one from Canada who knows some other lockers whom ive met in the past. (small world)

from 11pm-7am that was one hell of night.

Now for the Misc stuff:
Date: 1/9/2011

I work for my school and was giving a tour of Shibuya and Harajuku to some new students when I ran into my old teammate Frank from CSLA. small world. Later that night we got down with my new locker buddies and had one of the best practices Ive had in Japan. It felt like homeland that night.

Also on the way home from a friend's "im back in Tokyo" dinner I was approached by the police for the first time. They asked if I lived where I was parking my bike and then after telling them I lived in a nearby apartment, asked me if I got my zip-tied bike basket from the supermarket. hinting of course if I stole it from the Super. After telling them I bought it, they started checking the registration on my bike (thank goodness I bought one with papers!) but I had to tell them that my bike is not in my name but showed them I did have paper work from the previous owner. Luckily it checked out okay and they left me alone. Its funny how little there is for police to do in Tokyo. I all essence it seems I was stopped by the police for suspicion of stealing a supermarket basket. haha

o starting to fall in love with you.