Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Fun.... on CRACK!

So Japan being the one-upper it is... has also considered kicking America's idea of a family fun center in the nuts. Where i'm from the only family fun center we really had was boomers(formerly known as bull winkle's). This place was meant for kids probably to about 13 tops. These places had mini putt putt, small ferris wheel, rides as exciting to an adult as a washing machine and bumper cars, boats and go-karts as fast as my friend's RSX (slow i know).

But Japan has taken the name family fun center...and literally applies to the whole family!

This particular place: Round1 is a giant entertainment building with UFO catchers and gambling on floor 1, bowling floor 2-3 and floor 4-roof was Spo-Cha, which is what we did.

Spo-Cha consisted of Arcades, mini bowling, mini putt, roller rink, pocket bikes, random sport games, fishing, bb gun target shooting all on the 4th floor. the roof, which unfortunately we could not go too because it was raining, consisted of soccer, basketball and archery.

all for 1500 yen for 3 hours!

so as you can see this place is pretty awesome.

well enough talking enjoy the video it pretty much sums it all up.

- JDM Harry out.

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

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  1. Wow...was your head touching the ceiling of the turny thing? lol. I also know now not to piss you off as apparently you know how to shoot. Real fishing in this place too? Damn...I need to hurry up and go to Japan.