Sunday, September 19, 2010

Did enough to last me weeks....

So over the weekend of a span of just 2-3 days I think I have done enough to last me weeks of entertainment.

First off Friday:

The session was great although I think I stayed a little too long. As me and Dylan (dorm mate) missed the last train and had to find our way back to the dorm:


oh where do I start? Met up with good friend and fellow locker Yoichi Nebata whom I met back home in LA. This guy has been definitely taking care of me since I got to Tokyo and really is responsible for showing me Japan.

We met at Asakusa which is a nice taste of Japanese-y Tokyo.
From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

The Kaminorimon entrance to the Asakusa shrine. Pretty famous spot that leads to a many streets filled with shops and very Japanese type sit down eateries. These eateries have outside seating areas with low tables and chairs and dont look like typical restaurants you see in Tokyo. (no picture though -_- ).

Also there were some street performers at Asakusa juggling, miming, or doing magic/robotic animation dance with a storyline about a man struggling with a dream (now im really sad i cant show you it was pretty good!). But i accidently deleted it from my memory card before uploading T.T

afterwards we hit up Ginza for some sushi! ive been in Tokyo about 1 month now and I never had sushi til this day. lets just say Ive relapsed on my sushi addiction. It was amazing.

Afterwards he took me around Shibuya to kill some time before Roppongi for some club action. Shibuya was definitely a good time in itself.

At Roppongi which is like a spot that bustles with nightlife. Imagine hollywood or something on a weekend night with clubs and club goers in full swing. (lots of gaijin too). Yoichi showed me my new favorite place.

Soul Sonic Boogie:

From JDM Harry's Bizzare Adventures...であります!

This is a little club that plays funk and soul music. GOOD ones that are perfect for locking or poppiing. The music was so good we got down for the entire couple hours we were there. It was really inspiring and awesome to see the people that come here who are of course fairly older crowd just really enjoy the music. I mean there were 60-70 year old salary or retired salary men just grooving to the music. Its freaking awesome to see. I cant think of any other type of music that people can really get lost into like this and just let their bodies move.

After the awesome time at Soul Sonic Boogie, We met up with one of Yoichi's friends at a small club type event that his friend was hosting. It was pretty neat to hang out with a bunch of Japanese people where I was for the most part completely lost at what they were saying but its a humbling reminder of my struggles with this language and a strong motivator to keep working hard to get it. Still enjoyable by far. What really got me at the event was well... let me just say the music was AWESOME! It was house/electro playing but its a slower tempo and not so hard like Justice or Bloody Beatroots. to make things impossibly more kick ass, this Japanese girl was freestyling on a keyboard to accompany the DJ's song selection with a Jazzy feel. you HAD to hear it i never heard anythin like it. So sorry I didnt get evidence (cold fusion) but your gonna have to believe me on this one.

Once the sun came up we were on our way back exhausted but feeling damn good. Got back to the dorm 7:30 in the morning and knocked out. Evidently not making it in time to attend the Tokyo Game Show (waste of 10 bucks grrrr) but the night before was well worth it.

Now exhausted as shizzz Im going to pass out. if youll excuse me.

- Harry Out.

PS. Thanks again to Yoichi you the f'in man! cant thank you enough.

Bonus video after the credits!:

Ontakesan (the place where im currently staying had a Mikoshi festival.) This festival took place the entire day and involved the towns people carrying a mini shrine around the area.

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