Monday, August 29, 2011


Ahhh its been a year since I first left LA for Tokyo to finish studying business as an undergrad. I got withdrawls almost immediately because I had some damn good friends and family back home. Tokyo is an awesome place and I have good friends here but you cant beat all the homies ive known for years and been through a lot with back home.

in any case it was a much awaited vacation back home.

I did practically everything I wanted to do during my short month at home.

This included hanging out with as many friends as possible.
Eating Pho, Mexican food, In-N-Out, BBQ, Korean BBQ etc. food thats hard to come by or not done well in Japan.

Also I missed the dance scene that I had become so involved with back in LA.

other notable adventures include the OC fair and Las Vegas. Anyway here are a few pictures of what went down.

Tacos done right

Hanging out done right

American Style Matsuri...although we just call it a fair

Driving again! that felt goooood. still got it, its like riding a bike. courtesy of S2k Brother Tyler

Vegas Trip! in front of a bomb ass buffet

Sexy Cops vs Cops

no place like Homeland

CSLA Family! after teaching locking w/ Marie Poppins teaching popping

Full Album here:

Next up: Taiwan Adventure


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