Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So it finally sinks in...

  The weeks, days and even hours before I set foot in Japan it never really hit me what was happening.  I first visited Japan after High School graduation in 2007 and fell in love with the place that I decided I wanted to come back but for longer.  3 years in the planning later this goal started to materialize.

  I left a lot of good things behind back in the states and it has made this first day difficult.  Besides forgetting my arrival instructions and having to call my friend Simon internationally to read me my email (Narita Wi-fi would not co-operate),  I find myself with a little separation anxiety.  Maybe its because I had a long day or maybe its because I had such a high expectation of how I would feel when I landed in Japan.  I mean who wouldn't be excited when a long goal has finally been reached? 

  The bottom line is I am already missing home.

  However, I know its ONLY day 1. Once things simmer I know Japan will be a dream come true.  I have 100% faith it will.  I will make it so. Damn it im in JAPAN!

  And on that bomb shell, I'd like to announce the opening of this blog and announcement of future Vlogs.  This will be like my personal journal so it will be updated frequently so you will know what is going on in my life as well as whats going on in my head...(ice cream)..

Harry out.
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  1. glad you got there safe, harry balls!
    miss you, brotha!