Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lock Battle 2: Funky Chicken 2011 and Misc.

Funky Chicken 2011! What a night!

Funky Chicken 2011 was a dance battle in Roppongi (morph) that hosted 140 Lockers, 90 Poppers and 30 Waackers. They do it BIG in Japan. It is unheard of to see these numbers in LA.

From 140 lockers they go to the top 16, popping and waacking went to top 8 instead.

Here is my prelim:

Also at the event I randomly ran into a friend I met back in LA that I hadnt seen for awhile.


and as expected of her she killed her way into the finals:

Also of course on the Pop-Side of the battle my biggest inspiration: KITE performed his famous baseball locking as well as naturally, getting into the finals.

here is his final battle: Yosuke took the event however.

After the event I introduced myself to Fresh Seiji who was super nice and told me to contact him sometime. eeeeeeeeeeeeee

Also various events with Kite followed.

Kite: I should go practice more.
Me: Reaching my hand out as if he was getting away: Nooooo

Kite: haha whats up man!
Me: did you hear me kite? Did I reach you!?
Kite: hahaha yes yes

Me while hugging Kite: KIIIITTTEEE!!!!!

Me: I think next time I will confess to him.
Random Japanese Girl and guy from France (here for Juste Deboute): haha oh man...


Funky Chicken also made way for new friendships as well! Met some new Waackers and lockers. including one from Canada who knows some other lockers whom ive met in the past. (small world)

from 11pm-7am that was one hell of night.

Now for the Misc stuff:
Date: 1/9/2011

I work for my school and was giving a tour of Shibuya and Harajuku to some new students when I ran into my old teammate Frank from CSLA. small world. Later that night we got down with my new locker buddies and had one of the best practices Ive had in Japan. It felt like homeland that night.

Also on the way home from a friend's "im back in Tokyo" dinner I was approached by the police for the first time. They asked if I lived where I was parking my bike and then after telling them I lived in a nearby apartment, asked me if I got my zip-tied bike basket from the supermarket. hinting of course if I stole it from the Super. After telling them I bought it, they started checking the registration on my bike (thank goodness I bought one with papers!) but I had to tell them that my bike is not in my name but showed them I did have paper work from the previous owner. Luckily it checked out okay and they left me alone. Its funny how little there is for police to do in Tokyo. I all essence it seems I was stopped by the police for suspicion of stealing a supermarket basket. haha

o starting to fall in love with you.

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  1. LOL. Wow...they stopped you for suspicion? If those cops were put in Long Beach I think they would start crying. sounds like you're having a hell of a time out there. Frank was there too?!!!! I want to come visit. >_<